Increase your mental clarity

Increase your mental clarity

It would be an understatement to say this week for me, has been filled with time consuming tasks, as well as having been; exhausting, emotionally draining, and sleep deprived.
Lately I wake up in the morning dreaming of just going back to sleep.
Instead of following my body's pleas for more sleep (which I do not argue is highly important). As a single mother and entrepreneur, I do not have that luxury.
When feeling the pressure, I turn to my applicable modalities. Nutrition and aromatherapy.
Firstly, making sure I am drinking plenty of water (I drink naturally alkalized water) as hydration is so important for the function of every system in your body including your brain and all it's electrical functions.  Today I have also been adding chlorophyl for an extra boost as it increases cellular energy production. Through processes I will not get into here, it  greatly accelerates ATP production. ATP is the energy molecule in our bodies.  ATP "helps in sustaining electrophysiological activity and cell signaling in the brain. The ATP metabolism regulating both ATP production and utilization plays a fundamental role in cerebral bioenergetics, brain function, and neurodegenerative diseases".  
Next I turned to my oils, all though there are many uplifting oil, today I chose Rosemary. What a wonderful oil! Not only pleasant smelling, this oil is so uplifting and stimulating (also a hypertensive, if you have high blood pressure or heart troubles, this oil is not for you). Rosemary is known for being beneficial to increase mental clarity and help battle fatigue. I have been doing deep inhalations and have added a few drops to the material on the back of the chair I am working from.  The crisp refreshing aroma brings  uplifting joy to my office on this grey day.
I remind myself to take a few super supplements like: a really absorbable B complex vitamin as well as vitamins C and D. The substantial research available proves all are great boosters for better brain and memory function.  Let's not forget a great probiotic as our good bacteria play such a vital role in brain function.
Last but not least, EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE!  Today after dropping my son at school, I took an hour long bike ride by the water.  Even though it was raining, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The oxygen pumping through my veins, the wind and rain on my face.  My smile was uncontainable! I felt blessed to be able to make the time for myself.
I for one can use any boost I can get at the moment. How about you?
I hope this post finds you happy and clear headed. 

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