I chose this oil today for many reasons.  Like all of my topics, I choose based on where I’m at and what it is I need to include in or explore in my current life.  This week I’ve chosen to highlight Immortelle, also known as Everlasting.  It’s botanical name is Helichrysum angustifolium.  It is a base note and a fixative.   Immortelle originated in the former Yugoslavia and is still produced today from current Balkan countries. Though some is also produced in: Corsica, France, Italy and spain.  

Immortelle is as versatile as it is gentle.  It’s main constituents include a high concentration of esters (60-75%), which is why it is highly sought after by the fragrance industry.  As well as being very fragrant, esters’ therapeutic effects include being sedative and antispasmodic. Some esters also have anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties.  This oil is also composed of 10-20% sesquiterpene alcohols, which are not commonly found in many oils and also include some fabulous properties like anti-allergen and anti-inflammatory.  Immortelle also has small amounts of other alcohols such as geraniol, linalool and nerol, all of which add to Immortelles’ vast list of healing properties.

Helichrysum is known to be a great activating and magnifier of other healing oils. Some of it’s properties include:  analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic, anti-haematomatic (dispersing dead cells immediately to prevent or speed healing of bruising), cicatrisant (promotes the production scar tissue speeding the healing of a wound), (a powerful) cytophylactic which is effective in cellular regeneration, internal decongestant, emollient, expectorant, nervine..

The above properties mean this oil affects many body systems including: Helping with the treatment of migraines chronic headaches and sinusitis. The nervous/emotional system, lessening the effects of shock, stress and exhaustion. Respiratory benefits include soothing asthma and bronchitis as it is a more gentle alternative to camphoraceous oils. It is a stimulant to the circulatory/lymphatic system aiding in lymphatic drainage and detoxification.  A regulator of the digestive system, aiding in reducing liver and spleen congestion, regulation of the pancreas and bile production as well as helping quell gastritis and colitis.  Immortelle is very useful for the integumentary (skin/hair/nails), with it’s ability to aid healing of; traumatic wounds, cuts burns, bruises, stretch marks, herpes, eczema and infections. Essentially any condition where there is inflamed, traumatized or damaged tissue.  It is also an immune fortifier and tonic.  Immortelle has strong analgesic effects aiding the musculoskeletal system, easing of joint pain, arthritis, soft tissue injury as well as drawing out bruises from new and old injuries.  That is a lot of super properties!

‘The Fragrant Mind’ by Valerie Ann Worwood suggests Immortelle can be helpful in inducing many positive states including: calm, accepting of change, patience, understanding, perseverance, inner strength, acceptance..

Here are some recommendations from ‘The Fragrant Mind’ for using Helichrysum to aid in the emotional healing of: abuse, stress, tension, emotional crisis, depression, lethargy, mental and emotional exhaustion, loneliness, hypersensitivity, grief, addiction..

Immortelle is another favorite of mine.  I should note this is a very strong and extremely expensive oil.  For best results use in heavy dilution.  Though in extreme acute situations it is among the few oils that can be applied neat to severe wounds or burns.

Here are a few ways you can include Immortelle in your life:

-add a few drops to some epsom salts, soak in the aroma to relax your mind and soothe your muscles (I actually prefer to first add it to a small amount of fractionated coconut oil and then add that to the salt)

-blend with rosehip seed oil for a powerful skin cell regenerator

-diffuse in room or add to a carrier oil and rub on to chest and back for soothing of asthma, bronchial or sinus conditions.

You can also find Immortelle in a few of my products. It’s beautiful fragrant properties are not yet solely highlighted in my line.  Though I love to use it as a super magnifier for the healing properties of other oils.

Invigorating Detox Blend Salt Scrub and Soak

Healing Salve

Boo Boo Rescue

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