Not really new news....

Not really new news....

Well this isn’t really new news…  A recent report from the CBC about a friendly reminder from Health Canada Watch Dogs..

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A new report by the federal environmental watchdog says Health Canada isn't doing enough to protect Canadians from hazardous chemicals in household and cosmetic products.

Julie Gelfand released her spring reports Tuesday, including an audit that highlights a number of gaps in the federal Consumer Product Safety Program that is supposed to detect and assess risks to human health from everyday products.

The audit showed Health Canada does not regularly test cosmetic products to verify the accuracy of product labels or check to see if they contain heavy metals or contaminants.

It also points out that under the current law, ingredients labelled "parfum," "aroma," "fragrance" or "flavour" may include chemicals of concern to human health — but companies aren't required to tell consumers or Health Canada.

"Those catch-all terms can conceal a range of potentially hazardous chemicals and this information is not readily available to consumers," Gelfand told reporters Tuesday, adding that these substances can trigger allergies and asthma, and have been linked to cancer.

Her report found that Health Canada does not regularly test for prohibited or restricted ingredients in cosmetics, and "cannot assure consumers that these products comply with the Food and Drugs Act and are safe."

Nathan Cullen, the NDP's environment critic, said Health Canada is "short-changing" Canadians on very basic information about the potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics. "Buyer beware is not a good way to go for Canadian consumers," he said…..

The report also points out that products with labels claiming a product is "fragrance-free" or "unscented" may actually contain chemicals to mask the scent, but Health Canada can't take action unless the label makes a specific claim about health and safety.

Gelfand's report said the department should do more product testing and inform consumers that terms like "hypoallergenic" or "unscented" don't necessarily mean the product is healthy or safe.”  CBC Report

You can find some really helpful info on toxic chemicals in your personal care products here from the David Suzuki Foundation

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