Frankincense, isn't actually an essential oil.  It is a resinoid.

Frankincense's true name is Olibanum~ Boswellia Cateri and was named Frankincense from the term “real incense”.  It’s main constituents include a variety of monoterpenes 60-80%,  sesquiterpenes (both of which, some cross the blood brain barrier) and alcohols.  

Frankincense is a favourite of mine for several reasons.  Some of it’s many properties include: analgesic, anticatarrhal, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, digestive, expectorant, immune-stimulant, relaxant, sedative, tonic and uplifting. All these properties mean that frankincense has the ability to affect so many body systems. Endocrine affecting our  nervous system (affecting our emotional health), respiratory, circulatory (cardiovascular & lymphatic), digestive system, reproductive system, immune stimulant, musculoskeletal system along with being a great tonic for our integumentary system (skin, hair, nails).

I’d like to emphasize Frankincense is known as an anticancer oil, due to it’s high antioxidant properties and ability to cross membrane barriers of our cells and actually repair damage.

According to ,‘The Fragrant Mind’ by Valerie Ann Worwood frankincense is helpful in inducing (but not limited to) the following positive states: comfort, healing, emotional stability, enlightenment, protective, introspection, courage, resolution, fortitude, acceptance and inspiration.

‘The Fragrant Mind’ also recommends frankincense for emotional healing of: fears, grief, blockages, over-attachment, burnout, exhaustion, insecurity, panic, anxiety, disconnection, repression, resistance, self-destruction, apprehension, despair, addictions, depression, mania and many more.

These may all be due to this wonder oil’s (resin’s)  ability to slow down breathing, helping us to breathe deeper and more slowly, inducing a state of relaxation and calm.  It is said to aid in expanding one’s consciousness.  For this reason it is and has been used during sacred ceremonies, prayer and meditation for antiquity.

The sesquiterpenes found in frankincense that pass the blood brain barrier, allow oxygenation of the pineal and pituitary glands. These glands are part of our endocrine system, which is essentially the link between our emotions and our physical bodies. This relationship is circular. That is, our emotions have a powerful physical effect on our body via shifting neurochemical levels, and our neurochemical balance has a powerful effect on our emotions. Our endocrine system may well be the link between our body, mind and soul. Since frankincense has such a powerful effect on our endocrine system it can also be considered an aphrodisiac; molecularly it has the ability to mimic certain hormones which can awaken sexuality.

The pineal gland, our third eye, 6th chakra, is often referred to the seat of the soul, it is in charge of producing melatonin and maintaining our circadian rhythm and regulating reproductive hormones. The melatonin is one of the reasons why it is also reputed to help quell nightmares and restless sleep.  

Seriously, what isn't this oil good for? I could go on all day…

I will leave you here with just a few suggestions for use.

- a nice relaxing bath such as my Body and Soul Soothing Soak and Scrub

- diffuse in room or dilute in a carrier and rub on chest and back for its balsamic effects on the respiratory system

-blend frankincense with bergamot in a carrier oil and massage into skin or add to water to diffuse in room for its antidepressant properties.

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