Introduction to the ingredients in the newest addition to my Summer Season Collection

Introduction to the ingredients in the newest addition to my Summer Season Collection

Face Shield
I am super excited to introduce a new non-comedogenic SPF Face Shield!!!
Smooth as silk, non greasy, dry finish.

Here are a list of the ingredients and the some of the reasons why I chose them. 

Babassu Oil
A quick introduction to the certified organic Babassu oil in my products.  It is a lot like coconut oil, as it is solid at a normal room temperature and melts as it warms to near body temperature. It has a similar fatty acid profile as well.  It comes from the fallen fruit of the babassu palm tree. Thankfully, this type of palm is not contributing to deforestation (infact fighting it) and since they naturally fall, there are no monkey slaves involved.  The production of babassu oil actually provides income for hundreds of thousands of families in one of Brazil’s most impoverished areas.  Women have fought to protect the babassu forests, the amazon and their livelyhood of collect the fallen fruit, break the nut open and harvest and sell the byproducts.  Here is a short video about these powerful women warriors who are fighting for their rights and the environment, united by babassu. Babassu Warrior Women

It is a pretty wonderful oil for so many reasons. Including being: antimicrobial, non comedogenic, has anti-inflammatory properties, is cooling, absorbs well, has a neutral scent and is less greasy than coconut oil.

Shea Butter
Another great gift from nature.  This very emollient butter is high in vitamins A&E aiding in it's mild SPF protection. Shea butter is also antimicrobial, non comedogenic, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is very soothing on your skin.

Sal Butter
Is from a tree native to India.  Another non comedogenic ingredient. This butter is an odourless white hard butter.  Due to its high content of long-chain fatty acids it can tend to be grainy until it melts (though I do my best to temper it).  When it melts into the skin, you feel it’s superior emollient silky non greasy effects.  It is very high in oleic and stearic acids making  it extremely antioxidant.  It is great for sun, wind damaged, dry, itchy and rough skin as well as having a long shelf life.

Oat Kernel Oil
Avena Sativa, is fairly new to the cosmetics industry, though oats have been used for thousands of years for their many beneficial properties, both internal and external.  

Non comedogenic, oat oil is soothing and nourishing to sensitive, damaged, mature skin.  It promotes elasticity, is very emollient, high in essential fatty acids (35%) and is a great source of antioxidants.  Though the oil absorbs fairly slowly, it penetrates well and has a very rich feel, much like liquid silk.

This ingredient is another great choice for skin care products.  I use all natural beeswax which helps to keep my products from being too runny.  It is non comedogenic and helps to lock in the other oils into the recipe.

Zinc Oxide
This mineral is an excellent physical barrier from the sun.  As well as being very soothing to the skin and an astringent (helping to clarify skin). Zinc is also non comedogenic.

Carrot Seed Oil
This essential oil is very useful for treating all kinds of skin conditions as well as being a potent antioxidant. It is high in vitamin A and beta carotenoids which help reduce the effects of UV rays, making it a great additive to sun protection preparations.

Smells great! Is very emollient and an excellent choice for any skin applications, especially sensitive skin.  It is emollient, anti-inflammatory as well as a bactericide.

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