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10 Handy DIY Uses for Essential Oils Around Your Home Posted on 13 May 15:41 , 0 comments

This week I have chosen to compile a few handy applications to use essential oils around your home. I hope you find them useful.

First I would like to reiterate that OIL AND WATER DO NOT MIX!

I'm always confused why so many resources recommend mixing essential oils with just water. Whenever adding essential oils to water, you must always, first break down the oil in alcohol or if being used in a body application, glycerine (which will partially break down the oils).  Other wise they  will not mix.  The oil will just sit on top of the water.

When I mention letting the oil cure with the alcohol, what I mean is to let them sit, and give the alcohol a chance to break the oil down. You can let it sit for a few minutes, or preferably, a few hours or a day if possible.  Then add the water after this step.

That being said here are some great ways to include essential oils in your day.

  1. As an air purifier.  Add a few drops of a single oil / or a blend, of antimicrobial oils to a small amount of alcohol, let cure then add to water in a spray bottle.  Some great oils to consider are: rosemary, clove, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon or cinnamon to name a few.. Which actually if you blended them all together, you will have made yourself a Thieves style blend.  
    Shake well and spray in the air, or if you are not a DIYer you could purchase my Pathogen Pirate Multi-Spray
  2. Surface Cleanser.  Same as above ^^ .  Spritz onto surfaces and wipe.  Sometimes I like to spray onto door handles and light switches and let air dry. I do this in between my general wiping of things down.  
  3. Natural bug repellent.  Blend a few drops of lemon and eucalyptus radiata or geranium (and or a slew of other insect repellent oils) in some coconut oil, be sure to use only a 3% blend, less for a little one and rub on.  Or you can use my handy spray Insect Repellent
  4. Sweet Smelling Laundry.  Add 10-20 drops to your favourite unscented laundry soap and blend well before you add to water.  You will not be disappointed.  I personally love to add lavender or rosemary.
  5. Extra Sweet Smelling Laundry.  To add an extra layer of smell great factor to your clothes, try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to some cut up old rags. If you have organic cotton, that would be the preferable choice.  Toss the rags in the dryer with your wet laundry and enjoy the extra oomph of pleasing (non toxic) scent every time you dress or better yet, in your clean sheets!
  6. Induce calm in your home. Diffuse lavender around your home to aid in reducing anxiety and encouraging a peaceful atmosphere.  For diffusion, this is one application you do not want the oil to break down in the water.  Just add a few drops to a small dish of water and place around your rooms. The oil will sit on top of the water and slowly evaporate.
  7. Keep moths out of your closet.  Don’t have the luxury of a cedar lined closet?  Have no fear, you can garner the same effect with essential oils.  Just place some cedar wood essential oil in little satchels or cotton balls and place through out your closet or hang satchels on a few hangers in your closet.  Remember to refresh often.
  8. Fresh drawers.  Add lavender (or an oil of your choice) to small satchels or cotton balls and place in your drawers.  I personally like to add these to my undergarment drawers.  I find the scent helps to transport me to serenity and sexy all at the same time.
  9. Fresh receptacles.  Whether trash or recycling sometime those bins can get a little rank.  Try placing cotton balls with a few drops of a fresh smelling oil in the bin, under the bags or tucked up in the lid.  I use my antimicrobial Multi-Spray and wipe down the bins when I change the bags, and sometime I will give the inner lids a spritz in between bag changes. I also do this with the litter box when I change the cat litter.
  10. Enhance meditation.  As I have mentioned in a past blog, Frankincense is a great oil to aid in meditation and help raises spiritual awareness.  It helps to slow your breathing,helping us to breathe deeper and more slowly, inducing a state of relaxation and calm.  Simply diffuse in room where you are intending to read, meditate or reflect.  Or you could try a calming bath with my Body and Soul Soothing Soak and Scrub

There you have it.  Some handy ideas to try around your home.  My hope is you too can perk up or soothe your day with a little aromatherapy.  

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