Scent Sample Vials


It's hard to chose a scent over the internet.  Why not try them all with this handy six pack of 1ml fragrance samples. Let your nose guide you to the scent(s) that resonate.  They also blend quite nicely with each other!

Or if you are curious about just one, you can add a single sample to your order.

A pro tip reminder for picking and wearing an essential oil based fragrance:
The best way to discern how you feel about a particular blend is not to sniff the bottle.  Instead apply a small amount to your wrist.  Give it a sniff, then let it rest 5-10 minutes before you smell it again.  This gives the notes time to settle as they mingle with your body’s natural aroma.  What you smell in the bottle compared to when you first apply it and again after it has had a chance to settle will often be significantly different.