About Tricia

I am a Mother, Holistic Nutritionist, Chief Alchemist, Entrepreneur and Reiki Practitioner.  

My passions are pure products, whole foods, green cleaning and living naturally.  Being keen on green has been a driving force behind my quest, to reduce the toxins we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

In 2005 I attained my diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  The knowledge I’ve learned about food and nutrition has been invaluable in regulating my health, that of my loved ones and the many people who seek my guidance.  I love to blend flavours in new and exciting ways, to bake (recreating my faves gluten free) and am always trying to make classic comfort recipes more nutritious.

After giving birth to my beautiful son, Tiva-James, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned has been to let go of expectations.  As a single mother, the art of going with the flow seems more essential than ever.

Continuing on my journey of self discovery, in 2012 I attended the Transformational Arts College where I studied Holistic Health Practitioner.   Here I learned many modalities, though it was aromatherapy that resonated the strongest.   My sense of smell has always been one of those blessing/ curse type of things. I can smell amazing and beautiful things,  taste many layers of flavours, my nose can and has saved me and others from gas leaks.  Though the curse is always being overwhelmed by repulsive smells, chemical scents and artificial everything.  Aromatherapy allowed me to explore a whole world of scents that not only didn't make me sick but actually have healing properties!

Immediately I started making my own products.  I’ve always known the reason  I was put on this earth is to spread the word of love.  Love yourself, this earth, each other.  It was only after studying aromatherapy and much soul searching did I realize the delivery method.  I would reach people through their olfactory cortex.  Main line into the brain, right through the limbic system.  Scent Intention was born.  "To activate the hearts of many, one person at a time".

It began with a few simple fragrances, each with a Reiki programmed crystal in every bottle.  The line has been growing from this point to include many personal care products that we use everyday.  I want to help you, to reduce your toxic load. Ditch the chemicals we've been slathering ourselves and families with every day.  Chemicals don't protect our skin, make us look younger, healthier or cleaner.  We have been fooled by the cosmetics industry.  Let me help you get back to basics with Scent Intention products.  

Let's make this earth a greener, cleaner planet.  One home at a time.