About Tricia


Tricia is a busy single mother balancing her entrepreneurial spirit with her domestic duties.  She holds a diploma in holistic nutrition and is the inspired creator behind Scent Intention. 

Years ago Tricia was presented with some valuable advice.  After her canoe had overturned fighting some rapids, she found herself starting to panic.  A wise friend who’d made it to shore yelled to her “let go and the current will take you down stream, we will meet you there”.  That lesson has stuck with her and become a metaphor for life.  “For me to let go is a daily challenge that I have to work at. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, is when great things start to happen”.  This flow led her to study Holistic Health Practitioner at Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada. Here she was introduced to many modalities during her studies. Though it was aromatherapy that immediately resonated with her.

A highly sensitive person, her every sense is heightened; energetically, emotionally and physically. Often overwhelmed by chemical fragrances. “Aromatherapy allowed me to explore a whole world of scents, that not only didn’t make me sick, but actually have healing properties!”  

“I’ve always known the reason I was put on this earth. It is to spread the word of love.  Love yourself, this earth, each other.  It was only after studying aromatherapy and much soul searching did I realize my delivery method.  I would reach people through their olfactory cortex.  Main line into the brain, right through their limbic system.”  Scent Intention was born.

“My mission is simple. To activate the hearts of many, one person at a time.”