Liz Fox
this body butter is fantastic! I love how easy it is to use and it smells great too.

Lauren Baljeu 
I love the Face Sun Care and Bug Pirate! The sunscreen seems like it would be greasy from the feel of it, but it soaks right into my skin and by the end of the day my face is actually less shiny than with just my regular moisturizer. It goes well under makeup, or leaves my skin looking nice and glowy without. The tinted version smooths out my skin tone as well, which has some natural redness, so my skin just overall looks nicer with it. 10/10 recommend!
I also carry around a little bottle of Bug Pirate in my purse because it's perfect for sanitizing my hands on the go after cleaning poopy diapers or touching anything on the TTC. Plus it smells way nicer than alcohol based sanitizers and it's way less drying.
Tricia has some really great products and it's clear she really knows what she's doing. I will definitely be buying more products in the future

Melanie C Pugh
Beaming after a bath with the Exfoliating Scrub and Body Butter. Ya
y you Tricia Valcourt. Proud of what you've done. I highly recommend this line, folks!  

Monique Melanson
Had a stranger ask my why I smelled so good in a resto the other day. It was bug pirate!

Kiki Belle
This face cream is amazing! 

Grace VanBurkum

Been using my all-natural, chemical-free Ylang-ylang roll on all week in Nicaragua. It is wonderful. It's Gracious Living Lifestyle approved.
Thank you.

Victor Caruso
Great products for women AND men..I personally love the body butter.  Then again the bath salts are amazing...Amazing natural products and worth giving them a try !!

AM De Vera

Sharon Mandelbaum
Rebecca loves her formulation 😍!

Lisa Santonato
You have the best product!

Liz Fox
bug pirate smells divine and works great too!

Hana An
Pleasantly surprised. Just received my scentintention Bug Pirate and SunSheild. Incredible product, great scent, everything good going on, feeling safe and protected. Thanks