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Scent Intention

Body and Soul Soothing Soak

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Melt away the your stressful day, help your sore muscles relax, soothe your body and calm your mind with our Body and Soul Soothing Soak.

Our signature Three Salt Blend, with the added luxury of silky colloidal oatmeal and the rooted opulence of ground frankincense, sprinkled with notes of uplifting orange. 

Frankincense is calming. Helping you to breathe deeper and more slowly.  This induces a state of relaxation. Frankincense is often used in prayer and meditation because of these properties. Studies also indicate more pleasant dreaming and recall.  


Ingredients Epsom (magnesium sulfate), Dead Sea and Himalayan salts, GMO free colloidal oatmeal, ground frankincense resin, cocos nucifera (fractionated coconut oil), essential oils of: lavandula officinalis (lavender flower oil), citrus aurantium (bitter orange peel oil)



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