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Scent Intention

Body Butter

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This Body Butter is an emollient.   Emollients don't contain water, they help maintain the water in your skin.  Which is why they are best used immediately after your skin has absorbed moisture, such as from a bath or shower.  Body Butter will seal in moisture, helping your skin to stay hydrated and supple.  It is also great used for massages or as a lip balm. 

For best results: To lock in moisture, warm a small amount of Body Butter in your hands and while you are still damp, massage it into the skin over your entire body, right after a bath, shower, or a Scent Intention Three Salt Blend Soak. Allow time to absorb before dressing.

Pro tip:  Keep the container near the shower, allowing it to warm, making it easier to apply.  Don't worry if you get water in it.  Since this is an oil product, any water will just pour right off. 

Ingredients: Vitellaria paradoxa* (shea butter), theobroma cacao* (cocoa butter), orbignya oleifera* (babassu seed oil), cera flava (beeswax), cocos nucifera* (coconut oil). *Organic ingredients



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