Scent “Flower”


Feminine. Floral bouquet with strong notes of jasmine.

It's dusk, pure white five petaled Jasmine flowers are in full bloom. Filling the air with their sweet sensual aroma. Run past the shrubs, roll through a Lavender field and leap off of a Rose petal into a blossoming Orange tree.

Flower transports you to the realm of the sensual and feminine. Sweet and pure.  

"The Fragrant Mind" Positive states:
Assertiveness, Confidence, Concentration, Creativity, Happiness, Peace, Performance, Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Joy, Restfulness


Fractionated coconut oil, jasmine, rose absolute, lavender, neroli

cocos nucifera, jasminum officinalis, rosa damascene, angustifolia lavendula, citrus aurantium

Packaged in a 10ml glass roll on bottle

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