Pamper mom, with one of our gift sets. 
Gift her a Soothing Soak, in leu of that hug you wish you could share. Add some Body Butter to help her keep her seal in moisture after her bath and help keep her skin supple. 

$20 - (Salt & Heart) Soothing Three Salt Blend (450g) + Body Butter Heart (60g) 
Savings of $7


$20 -(Scrub & Heart)  Invigorating Scrub + Body Butter Heart 
Savings of $7

$30 -(Salt Trio)-  Soothing Three Salt Blend one each a 450g tub of  Lavender and Body and Soul, as well as an Invigoration Scrub 
Savings of $15

$40 - (Tub & Tin) Soothing Three Salt Blend (850g) + Body Butter Tin (250g) 
Savings of $12